How To Make Money Online (Earn Upto US$100-200/Day)

Everyone is after money in this world. Although money is not everything, we need money to fulfill our worldly needs. Nowadays earning money online has become the dream and stubbornness of every person without it it becomes difficult for us to live. People go here and there to find out how they can make money online. Today I am going to tell you “how to earn money online for free” with proper guidelines. By following these guidelines you can earn millions of money online sitting at home. have been

Online survey

The demand for online surveys is increasing day by day.It can be a great solution for students to earn quality money in a short period of time.That is, if you are a student, you can also earn money by doing surveys, that is, by answering small questions, playing games, watching videos, you can even reach your pocket, that is, you can earn a little money. They are wasting their time doing meaningless work.But, being a little aware of your income, you can earn money by doing online surveys. If you spend most of your time watching videos then it is better that you learn some online skill or take surveys and you will earn money from it. Companies around the world are always looking for new products to research their products.Employs members. Here, your task is not that difficult.And completing the survey is not a difficult task you guys can do easily rather you just have to fill the online survey in your free time. You can try on some famous sites: This is the site on which if you people work and complete the survey then you will start earning money online sitting at home Opinion Bureau, Survey Junkie, Marketagent, Opinion Panel, Panel Base, Inbox Pounds, Branded Surveys.

Start your own website.

Are you interested in passive income? Then this idea is just for you. This is an income method where you can earn money while you sleep. That is, if you guys are skilled in creating a website or if you have some experience, then you can make your own website and earn millions of money per month from it. You can start a website from your web hosting by buying it. It is not worth that much nowadays. When starting a website, you need to plug it into your social media account so that you can manage your first visitors. When you build a website, you need some traffic to monetize it i.e. to make money. Then, there are many ways you can monetize your site.There are many successful websites on the internet that are started by students. And millions of students are making money by creating their own website and working on it themselves. You may now have an idea of ​​what a bright future awaits you.

Review apps and websites.

Many websites and apps are willing to pay you for your review.There are some applications and websites that if you do even a little bit of work, you will start earning money from there too. You can earn money just by reviewing apps and websites. It’s not a hard way you know. Writing a review can take as little as ten minutes. Then you can window them through PayPal. That is, if you want that if you visit a site even a little bit, it is a site’s job to visit it and you people visit it, then that site will pay you to review an app or website. The procedure is very simple. All you have to do is sign up and complete your review.Then you will get a message from this website.So, try it today. Don’t waste your precious time. You guys can work on the website and start earning money online from home. Tomorrow is getting expensive day by day.This is a good way for you to do so

Publish an eBook online.

This idea is definitely for the skilled. If you are a good writer, it can change your life. If you are interested in writing i.e. you can publish your own ebooks and more than that you can earn money online Amazon Kindle Store allows anyone to publish ebooks. It can bring money.To do this, you need to download the Kindle app. It is now available on any device (smartphone, iPod, or laptop). You can also sell your e-book through amazon in foreign countries and from there you can earn a lot of money by doing online business. You can write fiction or non-fiction. First, you need to research what you are going to do. You should keep in mind that your product should be reader friendly.That is, people should like your book, you have to write some content in it so that people like your ebook, then finish writing an ebook. For this job, a well-designed cover page is very important. People love to worship beauty. So, try to design your cover page in an artistic way. Make it look good so that people find it attractive and people will pay you whatever price you have set for your eBook. This is how you can sell your online business and make money from home. Finally, earn unlimited income from your writing skills.


Do you have any technical skills in graphic design, web design, or digital marketing; if you have these skills, you can earn millions from home by freelancing and selling your services on digital marketplaces.You can earn good amount of money.Nowadays, more than millions of people are earning money online from home by doing freelance work.Millions of buyers are looking for this type of service on online marketplaces. If you don’t have enough skills, you can easily learn them by completing a course on any of them. Today everyone wants to be able to earn money online sitting at home comfortably and I don’t even have to work, so it’s not like that. Every job requires hard work and hard work is necessary for you. CLERK, Fiverr, Upwork, etc. are famous. There are marketplaces where you can easily sell your service if you are skilled. If you have enough experience in buying and selling things, it will be easy for you to do online business.

Review the music.

You can also earn money by reviewing
music. If you like listening to music, you can also turn it into your business. By the way, this is a haram act, it is not suitable for you, but if you are a Christian or a Hindu, you can do it. Websites (like pay their reviewers. It is said that people do not make much money doing this. Yes it is said about this that you can’t earn much money in this job but if you are interested in it then you can earn money by doing this job but not much just a little but if listening to music is your hobby. This task may be difficult for you

Sell ​​your notes online.

You can also upload notes online by inserting your cash. If you have any money lying around or you are not using it, then you can upload it online and earn money sitting at home.Upload from or study related then upload from it and earn money online from home There are hundreds of thousands of sites where you can sell your notes. When other students download this note, they have to pay for it. So, this is a good way for students to earn money. If you are a student, then this is the best way for you and you can easily earn money online from home by doing this at your own expense. can pick you up

Businesses with domain names

A domain name is what people call a website address.That is, an identity of each website is identified by its domain. When you have a domain for your website, your website looks good. They don’t cost that much to register. Always remember to choose names that have good commercial values. You should always choose a domain that is good for you and a short domain so that you can easily do what you want and you can do it at home.Earn money then you can sell them at a very premium rate. If you want to buy and sell this domain later, it also becomes a good business, that is, you can do online marketing and start your own business. Buy some domain and when someone comes to take it from you, you can sell it at a high price, i.e. keep your profit and get a lot more money from it.

Sell ​​your photos.

If you are a photographer or you love photography then this can be a golden opportunity for you.If you are interested in making photos or you have learned this skill then it is very good for you all you have to do is capture creative photos and upload them to websites that want photos from you. If you want to take photos, then you can take some such historical photos and upload them in stock and earn money online sitting at home. Nowadays, the demand for this has also increased a lot. You can also earn extra money by selling photo articles.Its search volume is not so high, but it is suitable to offer you extra money. And in it, whatever your payment etc. means, whatever your money becomes, it will be given to you immediately.

Sell ​​clothes online.

If you don’t mind, you can make a good profit by selling your clothes online. It also becomes a business and millions of people are doing it and there is no hesitation if you do clothes business online you can earn much more money online when the demand is low.Buy them if possible and sell them at a good profit when the demand for them is on fire. You can create your own online store and put your clothes etc on it and you can sell your clothes and make more money like this, but here you have to take risk. will have. Sometimes, your prediction may not be right. Whatever business you want to do first you must have experience about it I am telling you already then only you can make money online. are

YouTube videos

YouTube is a popular social media nowadays.Whenever people need any guidelines, events, or anything they want to watch, they try to find them on YouTube. If you people are wasting others’ time watching videos on YouTube, then it is better to upload your videos and monetize them and earn money online sitting at home. It has become a trend in the present world.If you are a smart video creator, you can easily start your business on YouTube.Payment depends on the number of viewers. If you are in the number of areas you want, then your earnings will also be in millions.You people can earn millions of rupees per month. The income actually comes from advertisements.

Affiliate marketing

Affiliate marketing can offer passive income by promoting other people’s business. This is a type of marketing in which uplink throws can also earn you money if you have a website that is very good. If yes, then you can enter any company web link.They will pay a certain amount of commission from their sales on your page.You can also call it partnership business. Nowadays there are many people working in this marketing i.e. deadly marketing and earning money online sitting at home even if you are sleeping then you can earn money online.

Start a blog.

You can earn through blog posts.It is better to create a blog site to start blogging. If you have in your mind that even if I sleep at night, my earnings will continue to be made, that is, my money will continue to be made, then you can make your own blog and monetize it. There are many web 2.0 sites that offer you to build your own websites in less time. You can also earn money online using Google Adsense. You can earn money with Google Adsense.

Final decision

There are hundreds of ways to earn online. Even then, people are running away looking for a way out one after the other. Earning money online is not a difficult task until you work hard you won’t get anything if you want to earn money online then work day and night to make your dream come true Actually, the most important thing is The thing is consistency.I think our guidelines will help you a lot in making money online.All the information I have given you above if you follow them, you can make millions of money online per month, we are just showing you the way. You have to implement it with your skill and persistence.

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